Nutmeg & Neighbors: Silent Auction

One of our events at Nutmeg & Neighbors will be a silent auction.  We plan it to be very similar to the silent auctions held in past years at Nutmeg.

Nutmeg & Neighbors – Silent Auction

We need your help!  Please volunteer for putting items on the auction table from among the following opportunities!

Baskets and Other Donations

We have put out suggestions for bundling items into a basket for auctioning on the Ficus Tree in the Narthex.  Please grab one (or a few).  You can assemble the basket yourselves or simply get the items to be bundled to the office.  We’ll be using the Attic Access and Storage area for working on and safeguarding them.

Or you can create a basket yourself.  Think of a new theme for bundling items you can buy or make!

Or donate some element of your resources, talents, skills, or time, based on your unique capabilities and interests.  Be creative!

We’ve put together a Google form where you can sign up to put together a basket or donate in some other way. (If you grabbed items from the Ficus Tree, go ahead and put them in the form, too!)  Here’s the link:

Solicitations of Items from Commercial or Other Organizations

We will be soliciting gift cards or gift certificates, material donations, donations of services (country clubs, golf courses, recreational facilities, and the like), and other donations like those from past years.  Please volunteer to call on those you may have called on in past years or on others you’re interested in.  We could also use volunteers for cold calls (I will do some of those for sure).  We’ll organize this by spreadsheet as well soon.  To volunteer, please shoot me an email (address below) to let me know.  I’ll put volunteers into this spreadsheet to make sure we have everything covered, and nothing covered more than once! You can view the current spreadsheet here.

Deadline for Donations

Let’s target having all donations into the 3rd Floor of North Hall, for readying and packaging, by Sunday evening, September 22.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thanks!

Jack Herr

Silent Auction Organizer