Ways to Help

Community Mutual Aid

Dear Ridgefield community members- Please read and fill out!

I am working with a small, relief organizational group as a part of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church looking to answer the concerns of our community members, as well as provide service for any of those who need it. This is a wild time that we are in. A difficult and remarkable time. Because this virus affects so many parts of our lives, each of us has a unique relationship to this situation. 

From our differing and personal knowledge, strategies, and struggles, there is so much we can provide for one another during this time. Our St. Stephen’s team has created a form where our community members can both voice their needs and ask for help, as well as provide a space where those who have the privilege to provide can volunteer their time and resources.

I deeply encourage everyone to take a look at this form. We each have a resource to give, whether it is time or materials. Similarly, we are each struggling, from ways of staying engaged and in contact with our community, to performing errands and everyday tasks.

Therefore, please voice your needs and abilities as necessary in the form. Please take this time to recognize your privilege and what you can give. There are a variety of tasks that community members can volunteer for, including ones that can be done remotely. 

Please feel free to comment or PM me with any thoughts/concerns/questions, or if you immediately know of yourself or anyone else who would like to be on the team, or is in need of assistance (in which case, please fill out the form). 

Community mutual aid is the greatest gift we can give to each other right now. Let’s organize: lasting, compassionate power, by and for the people! Spread the word!

Generative peace and love to all.

Vivian Altopp