June 23, 2022

Pride in the Park

As a gay man I’ve always felt welcome at St. Stephen’s and I think it is important to share that welcome with our community. I’m grateful St. Stephen’s joined other local organizations at Pride in the Park on a beautiful June afternoon.  

A number of folks at Pride in the Park thanked us for being present, I think for showing that God’s love extends to all.  Many LGBTQ+ people have been hurt by their denomination’s beliefs which drives them away from the church. Showing our support creates an opportunity to heal that divide. 

We are all people of God, sharing in God’s love and in our responsibility to love one another. I’m glad we were able to extend God’s love to the community. Our St. Stephen’s group also included Jennifer and Matt Franz, Rich and Anne Stein, Bruce Lombardi. Cee Moreyn and Michael Altopp. 

Mike Taylor 


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