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Grace2GoGrace 2 Go…  @St. Stephen’s Ridgefield is hosting its Special Needs Family Worship Service in our church hall on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 3 pm to 4:30pm.  Grace 2 Go is a mobile ministry that assists churches in their ability to serve the spiritual needs of families with children who have special needs. We utilize Biblically-based curriculum designed for a variety of needs. Our purpose is to create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes typically abled and differently abled youth and adults to worship together in a judgment free environment. We strive not to separate but to create a cohesive body of Christ in action. We hope to encourage you to join our faith communities where together we can actively nurture all our lives through Gospel teaching, music, play and activities, which allows for noise and moving about. We encourage you to participate! Learn more about Grace 2 Go here.

Read the Ridgefield Press article from one of the parents of a special needs child.

Community Pancake Breakfast – Beagle Freedom Project
The Mission Committee will be hosting a free community pancake breakfast on May 20th from 9:00am – noon.  All proceeds will benefit the “Beagle Freedom Project”, which is a non-profit rescue organization focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of animals used in laboratory testing. 

Currently the U.S. uses 70,000+ dogs for testing (primarily cosmetics, household products & pharmaceutical testing).  When laboratories are done with their testing projects, the dogs are often euthanized and then puppies are purchased to start the cycle all over again. 

Founded in December 2010, Beagle Freedom Project has rescued hundreds of animals including beagles, mixed breed hounds, rabbits, fouls, cats, pigs, mice, rats, guinea pigs and goats from laboratories across the U.S.  Instead of being euthanized after testing, these animals have been placed in homes where they serve as living reminders of the reality of animal-testing and the inspiration for pro-active cruelty-free lifestyle choices.

Help us be good stewards for all of God’s living creatures and join us for a fantastic breakfast!  Fund raiser is open to the St. Stephen’s parish, as well as the local community.  Donations requested.

Visit the Beagle Freedom Project for additional information.